Lark Creek Restaurant Group Web Privacy Practices
We want you to feel comfortable visiting our website. In general, we do not collect any information about you and you are free to visit our site anonymously. There are times we may require additional information from you, for example to correspond or handle a request you might have. We do monitor web statistics in order to improve our website. However, these statistics do not identify individual visitors.

As of this writing our website does not install cookies in your browser. In the future we might do so. You have the option to turn cookies off in your web browser. If additional information is required we will use that information only for its intended purpose. We will never sell any contact information you provide us.

Email list
We encourage you to sign up for our email list. We send out approximately 20 emails per year and try to make sure each one is valuable to you as the recipient. We will never sell your email address or any contact information you provide us. We will promptly remove you from our database if you request that we do so.